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Cold Drawing

Our cold drawing equipment produces a uniform product with the highest standard of straightness and concentricity available. Testing for defects during the production run ensures a bar with the highest level of surface quality. Cold Drawing Process: Step1: Our process begins with either hot-rolled steel coils or hot-rolled straight bars from the mill. When hot-rolled bars are used, they are drawn individually. When coils are used, overhead cranes use C-hooks to safely lift the coil onto the “Payoff-Decoiler.” […]

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Rough Turning Rough Turning bars ensures the highest quality finished product.

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Heat Treating

We offer a full range of commercial heat treating services including high pressure quench vacuum processing, carburizing, -300°F cryogenic processing, nitriding, Nitro-Wear, precipitation hardening, annealing, austempering, stress relieving, ferritic nitro carburizing and more.

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Grinding Steel

Grinding steel added to our turned/peeled & polished or cold drawn bars ensures a superior finish, high level of concentricity, tight size tolerance, and optimum straightness.

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Precision Saw Cutting

Precision saw cutting provides accurate lengths and a net part closer to your finished product including blanks cut to gram weights.

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Descaling & Straightening

Descaling combined with straightening provides the cleanest and straightest hot roll bars available. This product can be a cost effective alternative to cold drawing in many applications.

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Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing identifies surface defects such as scabs, slivers, seams and internal defects.

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