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  • Steel Products Heat Treatment


    We can do follows heat treatment: Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Annealing, Spheroidizing Annealing, Softening Annealing, Quenching, Tempering. Read More
  • Cold Finished Steel Pipes and Steel Bars


    We can produce follows cold finished products: Steel pipes:Cold Drawn Cylinder Tube, Precision Cold Rolled Tube, Precision Cold Drawn Tube, Hydraulic Cylinders, Cylinder Assembly, Honed Tube, etc. Steel bars:Round Bar, Square Bar, Flat Bar, Hexagonal Bar, Triangular Bar, Precision Slender Shaft, Piston Rod, etc. Read More
  • Hot Forged Steel Bars


    We invested two forging factories. They have the following equipments: Steel Making:EAF+LF+VD, EF, ESR Hammer: 1) Hydraulic Hammer: 1.5MT, 3MT, 5MT, 8MT. 2)Quick Forging Hammer: 800MT, 1200MT, 1600MT Read More
  • Hot Rolled Steel Bars


    We equipped with stocks 10000 tons min made by follows mills: Baosteel, Xinyegang Special Steel, Xincheng Special Steel, Dongbei Special Steel,Laiwu Steel, Benxi Steel, Baotou Steel, SuGang, Xining Special Steel, Huai Steel, etc. Read More
  • Hot Rolled Seamless Pipes


    We equipped with stocks 10000 tons min Hollow Bars and Mechanical Tubing, and more than 5000 specifications. Sizes: OD6mm-824mmxWT1mm-120mm, etc. Read More

Welcome to Shanghai Unite Steel

We are specialized in supplying Steel Bars and Steel Pipes.

Steel Bars: hardening steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, mould steel, tool steel, gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, high temperature steel, and stainless steel, etc.

Steel Pipes: general structure pipe, mechanical tubing, honed tube, precision cold drawn pipe, hollow bar, stainless steel pipe etc.

We can supply steel products in European Standard(EN/DIN/BS), American Standard(ASTM/ANSI), Japanese Standard(JIS) and other national standard, etc.

"Through the integration of resources,
To provide you the high quality one-stop service! "
- President : Dinyuan Hu

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